Hansa Implants GmbH

Hansa Implants - Titanium Implant Systems for Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis The Titanium-Plating-Systems of Hansa Implants’ product range feature five modular components for craniomaxillofacial osteosynthesis.

The implant systems differ in terms of the diameter of each set of titanium screws:
o MICRO 1.2 – System
o TIN 1.6 – System
o MINI 2.0 – System
o Mandibular Fracture 2.3 – System
o Mandibular Reconstruction 2.7 - System

Furthermore, the titanium screws of the implant systems are distinguishable visually through individually assigned color codes. The
color coding allows a clear and therfore unmistakable assignation: “Implants - Twist-Drills - Instrumentation - Storage”.
All implant systems are available either as standarized sets or as individually composed sets that meet your specific requirements.
Combinations of different implant systems (Combo-Systems) as well as “taylor made” sets are manufactured according to your needs.

Responsibility for the proper selection of patients, for adequat training and information, for experience in the choice and placement of implants and the decision to leave or remove implants postoperatively rests with the physician.